Nepal I

Message from the project we in Ramkot 7 km from the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. “We found the village by knowing the village leader, PrakashGiri. There are 1000 people, 150 homes, 99% of which are damaged. We visited the site daily. The leader and Shiva K. Shrestha did assessment. For immediate relief 150 families needed tarps and after assessment we found 63 families needed semi-permanent eco homes. In all the project is to build 150 homes. They needed a lot of manpower, materials, basic medicine and we send three people to the hospital. We also fixed the water connection. Locals could provide with some bamboo and materials. We collected 10-15 volunteers everyday, locals and foreigner. Together they built 53 shelters.

The village can grow their own rice, but they are first planting for the rain season. For the future Ramkot can function as an education centre for volunteers, where they could work in a safe, convenient setting for short/ flexible stays, and quickly learn in preparation for going out in the field. There will be a place for the volunteers to stay, and they could also give a little monetary donation to fund projects.
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Nepal II

Brighter World, one of the sponsors of Flying Pig, cooperates for her fair trade products with A Beautiful Story.  Although the atelier where jewelry is produced survived the earthquake, a lot of the houses of eleven of the  workers were collapsed.

Together with the Flying Pig A Beautiful story builded a number of so called dome houses for temporary use. After that we are going to build new houses with structural frames from local materials , to be finished by local workers.